Care When You Need It: A Patient’s Story

“The ER at McCarran NW Is a Hidden Gem”

The ER at McCarran NWAs a patient with a known heart condition, Shannon knew she did not feel completely right when she started experiencing an episode of an irregular heart rate. Concerned with the way she was feeling, Shannon trusted her gut and visited the ER at McCarran NW, a freestanding emergency department, to address her concerns.

“I started experiencing an episode of an irregular heart rate at about 10:00 or 11:00 at night and it did not appear to be letting up,” said Shannon. “I kept thinking it was going to pass but I still felt funny, so I decided to go to the ER at about midnight.”

Following Proper Care Protocols

Once she arrived, Shannon said it was very clear to her that a protocol was being followed and she was immediately taken to a room once the staff were made aware of her heart condition and concerns. Although a doctor saw Shannon within minutes of her arriving, the nurses had jumpstarted her care.

“As soon as I got there, I was hooked up to a monitor, blood was drawn and they started an IV to have some fluids going,” she said. “There was no hesitation and they explained everything to me. The doctor was very pleased that everything was already going by the time they stopped in to see me.”

As a retired nurse, Shannon was more than impressed with the efficiency of care she received because she knew more than the average patient about the process that should be followed for someone with her condition. “Healthcare workers can sometimes make some of the worse patients because we are so aware of what should be done in a situation. However, I felt like I was being treated by professionals who understood what they were doing,” she said. “The team completed every step that is needed to care for someone with a heart condition.”

Emergency Care Close to Home

Once Shannon was treated, she was cleared to go home that night but encouraged to schedule a visit with her cardiologist as soon as she was able. “I was more than comfortable going home knowing that the ER at McCarran NW was close by and that I would receive great care if I needed to go back,” she said.

As Shannon waits for additional test results from her cardiologist, she is grateful that she was able to receive immediate care at a facility equipped to care her someone with her condition. “The staff didn’t just have the resources on hand to care for me but knew what resources and testing they needed to use and do,” she said. “The ER at McCarran NW is a hidden gem and should be used by those in our community when an emergency arises.”

The ER at McCarran NW is a freestanding emergency department, which is intended to be located in a neighborhood, allowing patients like Shannon to seek 24/7 emergency care closer to home.

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