Going Above and Beyond: A Patient’s Story

The Staff at Sierra Medical Center Exceeded Brett Kuhnsman’s Expectations

Brett Kuhnsman, Going Above and Beyond: A Patient’s Story, Northern Nevada Health System, Sparks, Nevada.Brett Kuhnsman began experiencing pain after an otherwise routine day and ended up visiting the emergency department at Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center. “I went to get a reflexology massage, which is something I’ve done before, and my leg got really swollen after,” said Brett. “It was so hot that you could roast marshmallows on it.”

Concerned that he might have a blood clot, Brett called 9-1-1 as he didn’t want to risk moving around and having the clot travel. Once assessed and transported to Sierra Medical Center, Brett was quickly admitted for care.

“The doctor talked to my mom, who is back East, for 20 minutes about my condition and kept her informed about what was happening,” said Brett. “The fact that she took the time to talk to my family member to keep them updated when they’re not with me was amazing.”

Brett shared that he felt the staff members he encountered during his stay were sincere in their care for him as a patient. “They care about your comfort and how well they can make you comfortable,” he said. “You’re by yourself most of the time and you want to feel safe and protected, and the staff went above and beyond to ensure I felt this way.”

Staff continued to exceed Brett’s expectations and assisted him with other health issues that he had been battling. After struggling with respiratory concerns and attempting to find a specialist for two years, Brett was able to have those concerns addressed during his stay. He said the caring attention he received from staff was wonderful because it went beyond the bare minimum of what could have been offered. “One of my nurses came to see me when he was picking up his paycheck and not even on shift,” he said. “I had moved rooms from the previous one and he sought me out in my new room to see how I was progressing, and he even came over during my discharge to say bye!”

While many of the staff members left a lasting impression on Brett, the overall feeling of being cared for and comforted during his visit was overwhelming. Northern Nevada Health System is here to serve our patients with compassion and dignity, just as we did for Brett.

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