Northern Nevada Health System is focused on providing women from Las Vegas and beyond healthcare at every stage of their lives. From screenings to surgery, we are here to help you get the services you need by doctors who specialize in gynecologic health.

Robotic Gynecologic Surgery*

Northern Nevada Health System offers robotic gynecologic surgery options for patients that can provide their patients with several benefits, including:

  • Shorter hospital stay (one day in most cases versus three to five days)
  • Less post-operative pain (often only over-the-counter pain medications are required)
  • Quicker recovery and return to normal activities
  • Fewer complications and less risk of infection
  • Less scarring: Small, dime-sized incisions versus a six-to-eight inch scar

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Robotic Hysterectomy*

Hysterectomies can be done through traditional abdominal surgery, laparoscopic surgery or robotically with the da Vinci® Surgical System. The majority of gynecologic conditions that can lead to hysterectomy can now be treated effectively without a large incision, as the da Vinci Surgical System requires only a few small incisions.

*Individual results may vary. There are risks associated with any surgical procedure. Talk with your doctor about these risks to find out if robotic surgery is right for you.

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