A Simple Procedure Leads to a Positive Experience

Her Liver Enzymes Were Higher Than Normal

Technician looking into microscope

Dorothy Feht had struggled with the possibility of liver disease for more than four decades. Although she has been monitored in the past, she recently experienced symptoms that could indicate her condition might have become worse.

“My liver enzymes tested higher than normal and I was having pain periodically,” says Dorothy. “My doctor wanted to do a biopsy to be sure of my test results and referred me to Sierra Medical Center to have it done.”

A relaxing environment

When Dorothy arrived at Sierra Medical Center, she says she felt a sense of calm.

“The hospital did not feel like a cold environment, and I felt relaxed going into my biopsy,” she said. “The woman who greeted me was so sweet and I felt that she really wanted to make me feel comfortable.”

While getting ready for her procedure, Dorothy realized that there was a misunderstanding about how she would be able to go home after discharge. She had to make a quick decision to contact a friend or family member.

“I didn’t realize that I wasn’t able to Uber home because of the sedation I was being given for the procedure,” she said. “However, everyone was so patient with me as I made arrangements while they prepped for the biopsy.”

A self-proclaimed worrier, Dorothy appreciated feeling at ease going into the operating room and not having any major concerns as she prepared to be sedated.

A great patient experience

“I had a very pleasant experience with everyone I encountered and was always asked by everyone if I was comfortable or needed anything,” she said.

After a successful biopsy and discharge, Dorothy was relieved to find out that her results came back normal, and she continues to work with her specialist to monitor her condition.

Although her care ended up being simpler than anticipated, Dorothy was grateful for the calm and comfortable environment the staff created for her. “Their care made this a great patient experience,” she said. “This is a wonderful hospital.”